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Term Dates & Events


Mon 4th September – Year 12 Induction Day

Tues 5th September – Lessons start for Year 12 and 13

Thurs 14th September – Year 12 Introductory Parents’ Evening

Monday 2nd October - Year 12 Transition Report

Thurs 5th October – Training Day, no lessons

Thurs 19th October - Year 13 Progress Check 3


Mon 23rd October – Friday 27th October – Half Term


Thurs 2nd November – Sixth Form Open Evening, no afternoon lessons

Thurs 9th November – Year 12 Progress Check 1

Thurs 23rd November – Year 12 Parents’ Evening

Fri 1st December – Training Day, no lessons

Fri 15th December – Autumn Term Closes


Tues 2nd January – Training Day, no lessons

Wed 3rd January – Spring Term Opens

Thurs 25th January - Year 13 Parents' Evening


Mon 12th – Fri 16th February – Half Term


Thurs 1st March - Year 12 Progress Check 2

Thurs 22nd March – Year 13 Progress Check 4

Thurs 29th March – Spring Term Closes


Mon 16th April – Training Day, no lessons

Tues 17th April – Summer Term Opens

Mon 7th May – May Bank Holiday


Mon 28th May - Friday 1st June - Half Term


Mon 9th - Friday 13th July - Futures' Week

Thurs 12th June - Yr12 End of Year Reports

Friday 20 July – Summer Term Closes


Thurs 16th August – A-Level Results Day


School term dates 2018/2019


3rd Sept Training Day, no lessons

4th Sept Induction Day for Yr 12

5th Sep Term opens for Yrs 12 and 13

4th Oct Training Day, no lessons

22nd – 26th Oct Half Term

1st Nov Sixth Form Open Evening

30th Nov Training Day, no lessons

18th Dec Autumn Term Closes

19th Dec Study Extension Day *



2nd Jan Training Day, no lessons

3rd Jan Spring Term Opens

18th-22nd Feb Half Term

5th April Spring Term Closes



23rd April Training Day, no lessons

24th April Summer Term Opens

6th May May Day

27th- 31st May Half Term

19th July Summer Term Closes

22nd July Study Extension Day *

*Please note that only certain pupils are expected in college on Study Extension Days