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The Students' View

"While studying BTEC business at Comberton, I enjoyed having the freedom to work independently on certain assignments and then having the opportunity to work within a group on other projects. This contrast made my learning more fun and versatile and helped me to improve a range of skills, from communication and teamwork to planning and organisation. Furthermore, this course gave me the opportunity and the belief to go on to study Business Management at UEA. I had excellent support from my teachers and, through the knowledge I gained, I became much more confident in myself as the course progressed."

Ana Khachatryan

BTEC Business Extended Diploma


“Sixth form is a great time to gain more independence and responsibility, however sometimes pressures such as workload, exams, health or personal difficulties might mean a little bit of extra support is needed. The sixth form support team here are great and give you that extra reassurance to help pick you up and keep you going with support that includes one-to-one meetings and a dedicated sixth form counsellor, all of which helps make life in the sixth form that little bit easier.”

Hannah Webb

Geography, Psychology, Biology


“During my time at the sixth form so far, I have been given the opportunity to enjoy a range of extra-curricular activities offered to us, most notably the enrichment programme. There are a wide range of activities on offer, ranging from sports to the arts to charitable and mentoring activities. Personally, I did the drama enrichment which entailed working towards the production of a play at the end of the year -  the process was student led so we really had the creative freedom to take it wherever we wanted, which was fun and allowed us to express our creativity. Enrichment gives you skills to take beyond the sixth form and allows you to meet new people and make new friends. This is just one of the extra-curricular opportunities available here, so there really is something for everyone.”

Zak Bowyer

History, Chemistry, Drama & Theatre Studies


“Despite only knowing one person before arriving at Comberton, the caring and welcoming atmosphere meant I soon felt very much at home. I have been able to grow and flourish, as both a student and an individual, inspiring me to stand successfully for the role of Student President in our recent elections. I have had many opportunities to grow as an independent learner, and the Pre-U course in Global Perspectives – part of the optional extended curriculum at CSF – has been a really valuable and enjoyable complement to my core subjects in helping to develop the transferrable skills that will be essential for higher level study.”

Ruby Barnard

Mathematics, Biology, Psychology, Pre-U Global Perspectives


“To enhance my learning experience outside the classroom, I have been encouraged to participate in subject masterclasses and problem-solving sessions run by top tier universities, as well as residential courses provided by Villiers Park and the University of Cambridge. These have given me a sense of what these courses would be like at university, including sample lectures and small group work, and have inspired me to aim high in what I can do after A Levels.”

Joe Johnson

Double Maths, Spanish, Physics, Pre-U Global Perspectives


“The teachers at Comberton made every effort to make sure all Oxbridge applicants felt comfortable when submitting our applications. Starting with key information early on in Year 12, we were all supported at every stage, from help understanding the pre-interview assessments to the thorough interview preparation sessions my teachers kindly ran. Their efforts eased the whole process and gave us the confidence we needed to perform at our best” 

Joe Cary

Double Maths, Computing, Physics