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Subject Super-Curricular

Super-curricular activities are a great way to explore your subjects in-depth and discover topics you are really interested in, and they can also help you to confirm that you’ve chosen the right subject to study at university.

Super-curricular is different to extra-curricular. Extra-curricular activities are those outside of your chosen subjects (including what we would call enrichment), and unrelated to your studies, whereas super-curricular activities take the subjects you study further, beyond what you have learnt at school or college.

Super-curricular participation can enhance any future university, apprenticeship, employment applications (e.g. your personal statement), give you greater confidence in your subject choice, show that you are serious about your area of study, and give you a wealth of ideas to draw upon in discussions if you’re invited to interview.

It’s likely that you’ll develop new ideas and opinions, critical thinking and analytical skills, and an ability to understand new information from different sources – this is all great preparation for succeeding in employment and at university.

At Comberton Sixth Form, our Super-curricular offer includes:

  • Opportunities for subject based trips and visits to extend your learning
  • Our online use of Padlet (links below) for each subject allows you to find recommended books, journal articles, videos, films and podcasts that are part of our departmental Super-curricular ‘reading lists’
  • Padlet also aims to flag seminars and lectures, often online and academic competitions that take place in our A-level and BTEC subjects


Subject Padlets

For subject specific padlet pages, please click the subject logo below:




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Science & Maths