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Students are expected to attend ALL timetabled lessons, including Enrichment, Tutor periods and Assemblies.

Significant mitigating factors apart, we expect a minimum attendance rate of 95%.

  • Seek to make all medical and dental appointments outside lesson time; this is one reason for engineering a college day that ends by 3pm
  • Do not make appointments for such things as driving lessons and hair appointments during the college day
  • Do remember that all Universities and employers will ask for attendance rates in references we supply.
  • Holidays should not be taken during term time.

Absence Procedure

If you are unexpectedly and unavoidably absent you must contact Iain Grant, Attendance Officer, either by telephone 01223 262503, or by email to You must also contact your subject teachers to ask for any work missed.

If you arrive late for your lessons or need to leave college early you must sign in or out using the book by the Attendance Office. If you feel ill during the college day, please see Sarah Thomas, Post-16 Manager, before you leave.

If you are planning to be absent from college (perhaps on religious grounds or for a hospital appointment) you must inform Iain Grant and your subject teachers prior to the absence.

Please note that events such as routine medical appointments, driving lessons and holidays will not be authorised if they take place during college time.