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Higher Education & Careers

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Preparing for your future

The Careers Department at Comberton Sixth Form gives individual support to students to enable them to make informed choices on the complex university and other tertiary education options, professional and vocational qualifications, and the range of future career options and routes. We aim to equip our students to make the decisions and plans that are right for them, and move on to fulfilling working lives.

We also provide our students with a variety of sources of independent careers advice, by inviting employers, alumni and parents into school to give talks and take part in careers fairs and other events. The current landscape of post-18 education, employment and apprenticeship options is complex, with long term implications. Students are helped to make their own decisions as objectively as possible, but they are not influenced in their choices, or provided with any financial advice.

There is a well-stocked Careers Library within the college Library. Students are able to use My Uni Choices, to help them consider degree and other options.  Students receive information on a variety of employment and apprenticeship vacancies, and CV/Personal Statement building opportunities and experiences. 

There is a programme of university and careers education and events, with visiting employers alongside university and college speakers. We are developing professional and academic-interest student-led societies (Law, Medicine, Engineering, Global Development, etc), as well as encouraging students to undertake other extension activities which enhance their university and employment applications.  This is particularly important for applications to competitive universities. Students are also encouraged to understand and develop professional and vocational skills and qualities, such as self-development and management, growth mindset, presentation and public speaking, leadership, team working, negotiation, customer service and entrepreneurialism.

Students are also strongly encouraged to undertake further periods of course and career-linked work experience, volunteering, part time employment and enterprise, both during term time by agreement and in the holidays.  Application support for this is available in the Careers Office.

Students receive individual support with completing employment, school leaver and apprenticeship applications. This includes help with CVs and online application forms, understanding how these are screened and recruitment criteria generally, mock assessment centres and interviews, and school references for employment.

For further information contact Mrs Scibor (Careers Lead) on 01223 262503 or email 

Our Comberton Village College Website provides further details of our provision from Year 7 through to Year 13 and can be accessed using:

The school’s live feed on careers, HE and employability is available on Twitter: @CVC_Careers

If you are an employer, course/apprenticeship provider or interested in finding out how to build links with Comberton Sixth Form, please do contact us at 01223 262503 or email

Applying to university

The large majority of our students will continue on to higher education. We help students at every stage of the UCAS process from arranging visits to universities, selecting courses and writing personal statements.

Stephen Leggott, Deputy Head of Sixth Form and Higher Education Tutor, can be contacted at

Students applying to Oxbridge are able to access specific support from Eleanor Jenkins, our Deputy Head who oversees Most Able & Talented. Eleanor Jenkins has considerable experience with all aspects of the Oxbridge application process and can be emailed at

Support for those planning on applying to university begins at the start of Year 12 and follows a comprehensive support programme, details of which can be found below:

Student destinations in 2020

Below are the destinations of our students who left in 2020:


2020 Leavers

University/Higher Ed.



Apprenticeship/Work Place Learning



Gap Year






Additional Yr13