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iPad & MacBook Scheme

A blended approach

At Comberton Sixth Form we are committed to giving every student the best education possible. There is no doubt that digital technology will continue to transform the workplace and all aspects of our lives. We have a responsibility to our students to equip them with the skills necessary to succeed in that 21st century workplace: to be digitally literate; to be able to think and work independently; to be able to problem-solve and to collaborate with one another. We believe that technology can play a crucial role in the classroom, transforming the learning opportunities available to our students.

While our ‘main school’ operates on a one device approach (an iPad), the situation is slightly different in the sixth form. Students can make use of the Comberton VC & Sixth Form iPad scheme (or potentially upgrade for a MacBook) or bring their own equivalent device or laptop (students would need their own insurance and take responsibility). All devices will be able to access our college Wi-Fi and systems such as Outlook, MS Teams, Office and CATalogue.

Our scheme works in partnership with Albion, an Apple Solution Expert for educational settings ( and the Birmingham e-Learning Foundation (, a charity whose mission is to work with schools and their parents to provide devices to pupils  and students, so that they can use technology for learning both in school and at home. The College will make no profit from the scheme.

Why iPads & MacBooks?

Following extensive research and trials, the iPad proved to be the most suitable in a number of key areas:

  • 10-hour plus battery life
  • Lightweight and portable
  • A stable and reliable operating system
  • Extensive range of educational Apps, including Microsoft Office
  • Range of quality inbuilt sensors and camera
  • Well established school management system

What are the options and the costs involved?

Many of our students will already own suitable devices and come with them to college on a regular basis. As a college, we would like all students to able to access a device and have a similar experience. In effect we offer the following options (and costs). Students will of course still be able to choose to bring their own device for on-site use.

Those interested in signing-up to the scheme will be able to do so at the start of their 2 years with us, allowing payments to be sread over 24 months. 

For the 2023 scheme, the costs are indicated below. 


Student would own at the end

Return or option to buy


10.2-Inch 9th Gen iPad Wi-Fi


Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard case

2 year iCare subscription

£20.92 x 24 monthly payments

£17.92 x 24 monthly payments


13-Inch MacBook Air: Apple M1 Chip With 8-Core

Macbook Air 13" Smartshell case - Clear

2 year iCare subscription

£48.58 x 24 monthly payments

£38.27 x 24 monthly payments


What about insurance?

The warranty and insurance is unique to this scheme and offers a number of key features, including accidental damage cover. We will manage all claims within the College. Please note that the insurance does not cover accidental loss; for example, if a student leaves their iPad on a park bench, this would not be covered under the terms of the insurance policy.

It is expected that students will look after their device, ensuring that it is transported in a suitable bag and not used whilst travelling to and from school. It is expected that the device will never be removed from its case. Claims for accidental damage will only be accepted by the insurance company if the device is stored in the case provided. Claims for theft will require a police crime number.

Is there any financial support available?

For students at CSF eligible for the Bursary Scheme, financial support is available. For more information on financial support at CSF please visit -Comberton Sixth Form - Financial Support