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Comberton Sixth Form results, Class of 2018

Grades achieved:

A* - A  36%
A* - C 87%
A* - E 100%

For more details please see the documents on the left of this page.

In January 2019, the DfE published the national school performance tables, which allows for comparisons to be made of school performance over a number of indicators. These tables show the performance of pupils/students at the end of KS4 and also the end of KS5/sixth form. I am delighted to be able to report that the outcomes achieved by young people at Comberton Sixth Form were incredibly positive and reflect incredibly well on the work those young people undertook. It was therefore no surprise that students leaving Comberton Sixth Form had a really positive set of opportunities, including record numbers of students going on to Oxbridge and Russell Group universities. The figure for Oxford and Cambridge offers received in 2018 has already been surpassed by our current year 13, so we are looking forward to another year of extremely positive results, outcomes and destinations.

The full details of the school comparison data can be found at the following website: