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Entry Requirements:

Minimum Entry Requirements: 

5 x 5s

4 in English and Maths 

Subject Specific Entry Requirements:

6 in GCSE Biology if doing single sciences

Or 6,7 in GCSE Double Science

6 in GCSE Maths

Why study Biology? 

Biology is the ‘study of life.’ It allows us to understand the workings of our own bodies and the world around us. Today, biological science is still at the forefront of ground-breaking and rapid developments that will shape the future of human kind. Do you want to be part of these? If so, Biology is the course for you.

What can I do with Biology after A-Level?

Many students follow this course with a biologically-related degree that would lead to occupation in a number of areas including: medicine, dentistry, health care, veterinary medicine, forensic science, physiotherapy, environmental work, food science, biological research, sports science and pharmacy. Other students find the broad base of skills and knowledge gained from the course useful when pursuing degree courses or careers in other areas including business, marketing, journalism, and psychology.

Biology Extras

The Biology course involves a range of hands-on practical lab work studies. Due to our close proximity to the University of Cambridge and the local science parks and institutes students will be able to attend lectures and seminars either remotely or in person. We have developed links with a number of these places including the Babraham Institute which offer virtual or actual opportunities for our students. Alongside this we undertake field work days when students can develop their practical investigation skills. We also offer support sessions for students when extra help is needed.