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A-Level Double Maths

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Advanced Level Mathematics & Further Maths


Subject Leader

Mrs C Hattab-Reidy

Entry Requirements:

Minimum Entry Requirements:

5 x 5s

4 in English and Maths

Subject Specific Entry Requirements:

Grade 8 or 9 at GCSE Mathematics.

If your school currently offers either FSMQ Additional Mathematics or Level 2 Further Mathematics we would expect you to be taking this. If your school does not offer either of these qualifications, we would encourage you to do some self-study of the content before the start of the course in September.

Why study Double Maths?

Do you enjoy maths and wish to study it in more depth? If so, Double Maths is the course for you. It further develops the ideas studied in A-Level Maths and introduces new mathematical topics to bridge the gap to degree level mathematics and other subjects with a high mathematical content (such as Engineering/Physics/Computer Science/Medicine). Students who gain Advanced Level qualifications in both Mathematics and Further Mathematics are highly employable and, since it demonstrates a student’s ability to tackle more advanced topics, it is desirable for many subjects at university level. 

What can I do with Double Maths after Sixth Form?

Further Mathematics is taken in combination with Mathematics and sets strong foundations for a variety of related degrees. The subject has clear links with courses such as Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, Material Science or even Chemistry. Advanced Level Further Mathematics students find the skills and knowledge gained from the course useful when pursuing careers in areas such as medicine, engineering, veterinary science, finance, computing and any scientific discipline.

Double Maths Extras

In addition to the events offered to students of the Advanced Level Mathematics course, there will be further opportunities for students to extend their mathematical horizons. In particular, students can elect to tackle extension work in preparation for university interviews and additional examinations, such as MAT— the Mathematics entrance exam for Oxford, AEA – Advanced Extension Award or STEP – used for admissions to Mathematics at Cambridge. At Comberton Sixth Form we will support you in preparation for those as well as support you if you choose to go on to study Mathematics or similar at degree level.