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Entry Requirements:

Minimum Entry Requirements: 

5 x 5s

4 in English and Maths 

Subject Specific Entry Requirements:

6 in GCSE Geography

Why study Geography?

Does the Earth fascinate you? If it does, Geography is the subject for you. This is a topical and contemporary course focusing on many issues facing the world both today and in the future. It will help you to understand how these changes are affecting societies and the natural environment and look at ways of managing them sustainably. 

What can I do with Geography after A-Level?

Many students follow this course with a geography-related degree. The course also has clear links with a range of other subjects which are popular degree courses such as biology, economics, business studies, and environmental science. Other students find the skills and knowledge gained from the A-level Geography course useful when pursuing degree courses or careers in other areas including journalism, travel, ICT, finance, meteorology, environmental management, planning and marketing.

Geography Extras

Geography offers you a range of fieldwork opportunities in the local area, within the UK and further afield (Iceland). In addition, links with the Geographical Association and Cambridge University will allow students to attend lectures on relevant geographic topics at the University.