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Religion, Philosophy & Ethics

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Entry Requirements:

Minimum Entry Requirements: 

5 x 5s

4 in English and Maths 

Subject Specific Entry Requirements:

6 in Religious Studies if taken at GCSE

Or 6 in a humanities subject

Why study Religion, Philosophy & Ethics? 

Religion, Philosophy & Ethics is an ever-popular exam course, which deals with fundamental life questions that will have an affect on all of us at some time. The course involves the establishment of a body of key knowledge and understanding, as well as developing important skills such as critical analysis and evaluation of a variety of scholarly views, as well as improving essay-writing techniques.

What can I do with Religion, Philosophy & Ethics after A-Level?

As a sound Humanities A-level course, RPE could lead on to higher study in a range of subjects and be useful in a variety of careers. Many students could follow the course with a degree in Philosophy, Religious Studies, Theology, Sociology, Psychology or Law, but there is always a huge diversity here. Students find the critical reasoning skills and knowledge gained from RPE useful in a wealth of different careers such as medicine, law, human resources, and journalism.

Religion, Philosophy & Ethics Extras

RPE will include the opportunity for students to attend external lectures designed for A-level students to extend knowledge and understanding of what is studied in college. We also have a range of contacts that we invite to talk to students, as well as utilising our links with the Faculty of Divinity at the University of Cambridge wherever possible.